Toro Toro National Park

Toro Toro National Park offers an enormous variety of natural, paleontological, archeological and cultural sights and visits. On easy to moderate hikes we explore deep caves and canyons, hills full of marine fossils, dinosaur tracks and spectacular views. If we’re lucky we might spot some Viscachas (a local rodent), condors or the endangered red-fronted macaw (ara rubrogenys).

The more adventurous can take a dip in the cristal-clear waters of the rivers in the region, rappel in some caves and waterfalls or combine hiking and biking in some beautiful scenery.

You have a choice of accomodation ranging from simple hostels or community lodges to rustic hotels.

This is a 3-day tour starting in Cochabamba (recommended minimum, longer tours available on request).

Detailed tour description:Download (PDF)

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